A fundraising book project to support
Northwest Battle Buddies gifts professionally trained service dogs to Veterans battling PTSD, helping them regain their freedom and independence.
Get Your Hound in the
We Love Our Pets - Senior Edition!
It's a Book Project for Dogs 7 and Older!
Our previous book projects raised over $70,000 total!
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$34,000+ raised!
"Our pet's love burns bright . . . and short."
Charles Waugh
Which is why we should create their portraits now!
: - )

Click Here For a BBC Article About Dog Longevity
(It's really quite fascinating!)

Fine art portraits preserve the love and the memories:

Little 'Toto' (right front) passed away between the photographic session and the delivery of the finished portraits that were ordered.

This is what Johanni had to say when they picked up their finished portraits:
Here's Toto and Johanni again:
Here's what Ira and Robin had to say about being in the previous book:
'Player' (age 21!) with Kaatlin (age not given)
And here's what Tracy Barry at KGW said about the project:
Snickers [on left, above] passed away about a month ago (fairly unexpectedly), and I just wanted to tell you how glad I am to have the portraits you made!
Snickers was my love, and both dogs were my first children.
Your artwork is a blessing to me.
❤️ Thank you!
                                     Lisa Lien, Damascus, OR
Cristina with her three loves
Poquito (age 19) with Angie (age NOT given)

Especially for this project, 'Portrait Panels' are now available.
Serious, silly, energetic and fun - it's all right there!

Ranging in size from 96" wide to 30" wide, they are strong statement
of how you relish and honor the love you share.

They show the relationships, the love, and a range of moods.

Everyone loves the Portrait Panels!
Be sure to ask Charles about them.

Oh, and sometimes they get a bit silly . . .

The love and relationships in a family with pets is unbeatable!

I design each portrait with and for each client,
so you get to 'build in' whatever you want
to make sure that it tells your story:
I strive to bring out and highlight your connection and the love . . .
Charles hard at work photographing some puppies for the OHS magazine:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Charles G. Waugh, the artist doing the book?
The Northwest’s celebrated author and photographer Charles G. Waugh,
has photographed hundreds of families with their pets, and is a master of using humor to get everyone to ‘Sit... stay!’

He’s created portraits of senators, governors, mayors, and other ‘big dogs’, but he always treats everyone like royalty.
Senator Mark O. Hatfield
Ryan and Stephanie Snyder
Owners, Stephanie Inn, Cannon Beach, OR
Katie Harman-Ebner
Miss America 2002
Charles is also completely nuts about his cat,
to whom this book is dedicated.
Charles' main portrait studio website:
Charles specializes in wall portraits:
How does this project work?
There is a $300 fee to be in the book with about half going to Northwest Battle Buddies and the balance will cover the cost of production of a finished copy of the book for you!

Further, I am waiving my usual $350 commissioning fee for anyone who is in this project.
Your Senior Dog Portrait Experience includes:
Portrait Planning Session to design your portraits, in-person at the studio or via Zoom
Deluxe In-Studio Portrait Session
Private Portrait View-to-Order Session in our cinema-like studio space
A full page in the book for your family and four-footed loves
A copy of the finished book signed by me
PLUS - A Special Gift that I'll tell you about once you sign up.    
                                                      : - )
About Your Portrait Planning Consultation:
How much will additional copies of the book be?
The retail price will be $150.00 
What is the whole process like?
I always start with a Portrait Design Consultation, which can be done in my studio on Macadam Ave or via Zoom.

We talk about clothes and colors and mood and your story. We also talk about sizing and pricing and placement of fine art portraiture.
Where can we buy the book when it's out?
Currently we are in talks with Tiffany's and Le Louvre Museum!
(Just kidding) We aim to have it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, at our beloved Powell's and many, many pet-oriented stores around Portland.

If you want it in YOUR favorite store,
let us know and we'll follow right up!
What prints can we get for ourselves?
Charles has many different options of size, finish and mounting available.
The most popular is the Wall Panel with multiple images:

He'll go over all of what's available when you are in for your Planning Session.
Contact the studio:
Charles Fine Art Portraits
5757 SW Macadam Ave.
Portland, OR 97239
We have direct access to the studio from the parking lot
We have two reserved spaces right next to the studio's door!
Please note that we are By Appointment Only.
Copyright CW Designs, Inc. 2017
Charles G. Waugh
503-663-1513 ext 4